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You've Signed the Contract, What's Next?

Lastpass - Secure & Convenient

Your OTA specialist will send an email welcoming you.This email will include instructions on how to sign up for lastpass and install the browser extension, as well as next steps.

We store and update credentials via lastpass (a secure password manager, free for our clients).This means you only need to remember 1 password to access everything you use and you can send password updates with a click of a buttonDuring your onboarding your OTA specialist will provide the sign up link and any support you need

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What are viewing only credentials?

This type of credential will allow us to see statements, transaction details, and images but not allow us to move any money

These credentials can be used for all banks and most other software.

To set up credentials for payroll or credit cards please coordinate with your OTA specialist during onboarding.

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