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Standard Monthly Bookkeeping

Based on Years of Experience and Unmatched Expertise

Laptop and Paperwork

What's included?

  • Turn-Key Bookkeeping - So You Can Focus On Your Business

    • Free Autymate setup for daily import of all mPOS data if needed.

    • Download and code expenses from bank and credit card accounts.

    • Monthly reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts.

    • Inter-Company expense transfers to avoid comingling of expenses if there are multiple stores.

    •  Completed monthly P&L by the 20th of each month with a copy emailed by the 22nd.

  •   Support – Only for The UPS Stores. We Speak Your Language.

    • Assigned service partner who will be your go-to person on our team. 

    • Notifications when key tasks are completed. 

    • Scheduled calls to review your P&L as needed. 

  • Corporate Compliance – We Understand Your Expectations 

    • Quarterly P&L input into Financial Planner. 

    • We only use the standard The UPS Store chart of accounts. 

    • Our expense coding is based on the QuickBooks Posting Guide provided by the franchisor. 

Standard Monthly Pricing 

Single Store - $279
Multiple Stores - $269 Each

Additional Discounts based on number of stores

Only $35 per month for Sales Tax Filing!!!

Gap Work

Financial Cleanup for New Monthly Bookkeeping Clients
(Gap Work)


Performed as needed (Billed Hourly)

  • Bookkeeping start date clean up.

    • Review and correct previous bookkeeping as needed back to January 1st of the current year.

  • P&L Clean Up.

    • Expense coding correction to be consistent with corporate guidelines 

  • Balance sheet setup for new franchisees.

  • Balance sheet Clean Up & Corrections.

  • Reconciliation of all Operating Accounts.

    • ​e.g. Checking and Credit Card 

  • Prior year cleanup (Upon Request)

Estimates upon request.

Modified Accrual

Custom Bookkeeping Solutions

Accounting Documents

If you need more... 

MCO can provide customized designed services including but not limited to:


  • Custom Expense Coding – Personalized coding of expenses based on your preferences.

  • Modified Accrual – Association of major cost of goods sold expenses into the month with associated sales.

  • Class Tracking – If all stores are within the same company, in one QuickBooks subscription we can produce a P&L showing all stores combined or separated into columns for comparison.

  • Management Company – Bookkeeping for a parent company that administers payroll and other expenses for multiple stores.

  • Custom Bookkeeping Solutions – Bookkeeping for your other businesses that are not The UPS Stores.

and anything else you can think of!







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